Buy GOLD and SILVER Coins BELOW Melt Value!

Every hour there are silver and gold coins that are selling below melt value on eBay.

Buying a coin at 20% below melt value might not seem like much but that sort of INSTANT GAIN on your investment out performs most stocks.

Not only that, consider that when you buy bullion coins from a dealer, you’re likely to pay 20% above melt value for many coins.  That means buying at 80% melt value is really a 40% savings.

We’ve taken the time to create some advanced eBay searches so you can more effectively find these great deals.  THIS SERVICE IS 100% FREE! No sign ups, no e-mails, no credit cards. Before you go, be sure to bookmark us so that you will be able to use us again and again.

To get started, just choose one of the links from the right.  Each page will have custom search links.  These take you directly to eBay’s website.  What we’ve done here is tweaked the searches to filter out the coins that aren’t deals, the bootlegs and the non-coins which get mislisted in the category.  Why search through 10,000 coins when you can search through 200?

Be sure to read our buying tips pages to learn how to buy smarter and safer.

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