U.S. Quarters

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You would think that finding single silver quarters below melt value would not be easy because a 90% silver U.S. quarter dollar has only .18 ounces of silver and that means it’s not worth as much. When you consider typical shipping on one coin is between $1-3 each that means the quarters you bid on have to sell for $1-2 each to be under melt value. It does happen and quite frequently! This is because most of the silver hunters are focused on 1 oz. silver coins.

George Washington first appeared on the quarter in 1932 and all of those coins were 90% silver until 1964. Search for Washington Washington Quarters Under $4

You can also search for lots. There is a mixed lots category: Mixed Washington Quarter Listings but I don’t really recommend this one as it’s going to be heavily searched.
I recommend searching for lots under the Washington 1932-1964 category. I’ve added a powerful custom search for that category Custom Quarter Lot Search

Standing Liberty Quarters were minted between 1916 and 1930. You can find
Standing Liberty Quarters Below $4 when you try. I’ve also taken the liberty (pun intended) of creating a custom search for listings of multiple standing liberty coins: Standing Liberty Lots. You might see that I have attempted to filter out graded coins (I also did this for the Washington lot search). The odds of graded coins ending below melt value are almost non-existent especially since that plastic slab adds to the shipping weight.  So it’s better to filter them out so there is less for us to look through.

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