How To Make The Most Out of Our Silver Buying Website

How To Make The Most Out of Our Silver Buying Website

“Every hour there are silver and gold coins that are selling below melt value on eBay.”

The majority of this site consists of highly customized eBay links.  Our programmer is eBay API Developer approved.  That means our searches use teachniques that the average coin buyer doesn’t know about.  This means you can save time and have more chances to buy Mexican silver coins below melt value! Best of all this site is 100% FREE! No sign ups, no e-mails, no credit cards.

If you’ve been using eBay for a while you will probably notice that the site can sometimes feel like it is actively working against you.  When you search you might constantly find yourself having to do this like reset your default sorts from best match back to low price or time ending soonest.  Maybe you narrowed down your search some other way and the moment you type in a new search, you are back in a broader category forced to narrow down again.  We hate that too!

Our searches almost always sort by “Time Ending Soonest” and with a price restriction.  We often do other tweaks to the search to eliminate other non desirables.  For example, we try to filter out slabbed coins.  Slabbed coins almost always sell for an inflated price and that’s not what this site is about.  We do Time Ending Soonest because otherwise, the site would show all of those 99 cent listings with no bids and days left for others to come along and bid the price up.  Bidding that early is a waste of time, time spent browsing for coins more likely to sell below silver spot price.

If you see a lot of non-desirables in your search please let us know.

Is this a scam?

This website is not a scam.

If this website is legit then why aren’t you buying the coins yourselves?  

We do buy coins on eBay.  From many countries.  The webmaster is a coin collector though with just a small stash of silver bullion.

What do you get out of helping us buy silver coins so cheap?

When you search using our silver coin searches and find a deal that results in a winning bid, eBay pays us a small finder’s fee that comes from part of the coin seller’s fees.  Those tiny commissions add up but we don’t get a penny unless you find and buy.  That means we want you to find amazing deals almost as badly as you do.

What about privacy?

If you were wondering, we cannot actually see who you are or which items you buy.  Since there is no registration on this website, there is no way for us to identify you and eBay does its best to keep buyer’s personal information confidential and so we won’t know who you are unless you brag to us.

I am greedy, is there a search limit?

There are no limits on the number of searches you can make.  Go find some cheap silver coins!