A Brief History Of The Mexican Mint & Overview Of The Modern Demand Of Mexican Coins

When Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza stepped foot in New Spain back in 1535, he had with him a royal order that the Spanish Crown had issued. The royal order decreed the creation of the Mexican Mint, which was the first mint to be established in the Americas.  The mint was and is located in Mexico City.

Around that time, the Mexican Mint became renowned for manufacturing high quality coins. Over the course of the next 350 years, the Mexican Mint minted the gold and silver coins that became the currency of Mexico. Apart from being used within Mexican boundaries, the coins also made their way all over the globe.

As a result of an expansion back in the early 12th century, the minting of commemorative coins was also included. Even today, the Mexican Mint continues to mint both collectible and currency coins. Apart from creating fine coins for the Mexican government, customers from all over the world can also buy coins from the mint at competitive prices.

The Mexican Mint also produces and sells the highest quality coins and medals to a variety of institutional and private clients, including the Bank of Mexico. The mint is also responsible for helping Mexico’s economy grow by producing and selling coins all around the world.

The Mexican Mint is proud of the fact that their experience spans five centuries. Along with experienced workers, they have also invested in modern technology, as a result of which their products and offerings have regularly improved.

Even today, they still honor the Aztec calendar by offering a 1 kilogram silver commemorative coin. Both sides of this coin feature eye-catching artwork. The mint also offers a variety of special collections, such as the Diversion Cosa de Ninos. Two children playing are featured on these coins. Even the 2 Peso, 2.5 Peso and the 50 Gold Pesos are still produced by the mint.

The Mexican Libertad Silver coins are perhaps the most popular, considering that they are a symbol of the rich history of the mint and the metal itself. These Mexican coins are a valuable piece of history and play a significant role in today’s currency. The Mexican Mint’s Silver Libertad series dates back to 1982.

The coin that honors Don Quijote of La Mancha’s 400th anniversary is also available and is popular among collectors who admire fine literary work. The Mexican Mint guarantees that every coin they produce and sell is of the highest quality, which means they are valued both for their bullion value and craftsmanship.